Radio Interface Applications

AMTELCO XDS Radio Interface boards have been used in a wide array of applications requiring two-wire or four-wire audio interfaces to wireless transmitters or mobile dispatch equipment.  While providing isolated signaling leads capable of accommodating E&M signaling protocols (Type I or Type V) as well as manual control (for push-to-talk applications), these boards provide a flexible line-side interface option for PCI or Compact PCI switching platforms.  A host of user-configurable features include DTMF detection and generation, echo suppression, custom tone generation, energy detection, and Automatic Gain Control.

Military Applications

AMTELCO XDS boards have been deployed within field communications systems by both US and European defense contractors.  Applications include XDS H.110 Multi-chassis boards used to interconnect mobile communication vehicles at temporary field locations, H.100 radio interface nodes for Italian police and marine installations, and Basic Rate ISDN tie lines for connection to encrypted terminal devices.

Asterisk Environments

AMTELCO XDS PCI line interface boards provide a reliable, easy to integrate solution for multiple telephony interface requirements within an Asterisk environment.  XDS PCI Station, Loop Start, Radio Interface (E&M), and T1 / E1 interface boards can be quickly integrated into to a new or existing Asterisk application to accommodate telephony trunks from the public network, as well as on-premise extensions to phone sets, analog or digital terminal devices, or other legacy PBX equipment.  XDS software channel drivers are available for multiple Linux environments. Click here for more info.

PBX Integrations

AMTELCO XDS H.100 and H.110 telephony interface boards provide countless interface options for cost effective PCI and PCI Express switching platforms, as well as high reliability Compact PCI applications.  Station, Loop start, BRI, and T1/PRI interface boards have been widely used in hotel and prison PBX switching environments requiring large numbers of analog extensions, and well as Call Center and Healthcare environments requiring high density ISDN switching between multiple legacy PBX platforms.  XDS high-density enhanced conference boards also provide conferencing solutions with DTMF tone detection and clamping, individual gain control, large party broadcasting, and energy detection.  XDS multi-chassis boards provide the scalability needed to extend TDM switching beyond the confines of a single H.100 or H.110 telephony chassis. ©