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H.100 PCI Express Interface Boards from AMTELCO XDS
If you have an application that requires more throughput and faster
response, H.100 PCI Express is your solution!

XDS has several H.100 PCI Express telephony interface boards
available, including:

If you are presently using H.100 PCI boards then the conversion to PCI Express is fast and easy.

Do You Need Quality PCI or CompactPCI Telephony interfaces for your Application?
Check out the selection from AMTELCO XDS!

In addition to the PCI Express boards listed above,
AMTELCO XDS also offers:

XDS E&M Boards - Our Most Popular!
Available in:

XDS T1/E1 Boards
Available in:

XDS Conference Boards
Available in:

XDS BRI Boards
Available in:

XDS Station Port Boards
Available in:

XDS Loop Start Boards
Available in:

Custom Mezzanine Boards
AMTELCO XDS line interface modules are mezzanine boards designed to interface to an existing customer provided base board. These modules can provide a small number of line interfaces to your system without the need for a separate, costly line interface expansion board in PC environments with limited backplane resources.

An example module is pictured at right. This particular module provides up to three ISDN interfaces (BRI, PRI, or a combination of both), and can be configured for network termination or as terminal devices. An integrated processor and resident firmware provide the lower level line interface functions, while DSP resources are included for tone generation and detection. PCM streams support the audio connections as well as a control channel, while the module's firmware vocabulary provides the user with control of the ISDN ports and clocking configuration between the module and the base board.

For your particular mezzanine board requirements, the AMTELCO engineering team is available to help in defining and designing the physical interface to your specific base board, as well as the required control and communication requirements.

Let the XDS mezzanine boards provide your system with a reliable, cost effective solution to your line interface needs in a compact, custom form factor.

See us on:

Custom Board Design
Custom board design and production services are available from AMTELCO XDS.
Contact us with your specifications and let us show you how we can assist you with your project.

Recent custom board applications include T1 and BRI interfaces, mezzanine boards for TDM communications with a main processor board and a specialty board for large call center voice logging.

New Applications from XDS Developers

Here are a few recent applications using XDS Solutions:
  • New Asterisk application using XDS E&M boards in a French military communications project
  • New Asterisk application using XDS Loop Start, BRI, and E&M boards for European emergency response communications
  • New prison application using XDS PCI Express station boards for communications and recordings in European prisons
  • New NATO field communications project using XDS E&M for radio interfacing and BRI boards for secure telephony communications
  • New communications board for commercial aircraft

For information on the AMTELCO XDS products,
contact AMTELCO:

(800)356-9224 or (608)838-4194

Or e-mail:

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Or contact your regional XDS Distributor:

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(UK and Europe)
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(Czech Republic)

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Callware Voice Technologies (Spain)

Luis Esteban luis.esteban@callware-vt.com

Arrow\Rapec LTD. (Israel)

Yoram Fatchy yfatchy@arrowil.com
For more information, contact us at (800)356-9224 or (608)838-4194,
or e-mail xds@amtelco.com, or visit xds.amtelco.com.

We look forward to helping you with your application!

We look forward to helping you with your application!