• December 2009

    Amtelco Announces NEW XDS PCI Express Boards

    McFarland, WI – December 2009 – AMTELCO is pleased to announce a new series of XDS PCI Express Boards. These new H.100 PCIe boards include interfaces for T1/E1/J1, Station, E&M, and Loop Start.

    The XDS H.100 PCIe T1/E1/J1 boards are available in four and eight span configurations, and feature Primary Rate ISDN for both T1 and E1, and selectable 75 ohm/120 ohm E1 interface, or 100 ohm T1 interface. The 8-Span XDS H.100 PCIe T1/E1/J1 board features eight T1/E1 spans, 256 channels of voice resources with call analysis capabilities, and two analog inputs for music-on-hold. The 4-Span version includes four T1/E1 spans, 128 ports of conferencing, 128 channels of voice resources with call analysis capabilities, and two analog inputs for music-on-hold. These boards include D4 and ESF framing for T1, AMI, and B8ZS support for T1, CRC4 and HDB3 support for E1, along with program access to either PRI layer 2 or 3 for port control. Also included is DTMF detection and generation (one per B channel), call progress tone generation, and status LEDs for each port that provide red, yellow, and blue alarm indications. Robbed-bit signaling protocols include ground start, loop start, E&M and Q.421. These boards also support QSIG features for interfacing to PBXs that are QSIG enabled.

    The XDS H.100 PCIe High Density 24-Port Station Port board functions as an interface to analog telephones, and is ideal for applications where many ports are essential. It is programmable to different national standards on a port-by-port basis, provides ringing internally with the correct power supplies, and supports a wide variety of ring cadences for both North American and global standards. This board also generates outbound caller ID with calling number and calling name delivery, and provides a visual message waiting indication feature. The H.100 PCIe Station board also includes 32 channels of bidirectional voice resources.

    The XDS H.100 PCIe 8-Port E&M board is ideal for PC enhanced service links to PBXs, 2-way DID service, analog radio interfaces (PTT or duplex), and for 4-wire audio circuits. This board has configurable ports which include 2 or 4-wire Type I or Type V signaling circuits, radio control circuits, and 2 or 4-wire audio circuits, and includes on-board DSPs that provide DTMF detection and generation, energy detection, and call progress tone generation. The XDS PCIe E&M board also provides additional tone controls for radio supervision, and incorporates Echo Suppression, which is available as needed. The H.100 PCIe E&M board also includes 32 channels of bidirectional voice resources, and utilizes on-board intelligence to handle line control, supervisory and tone signal functions with minimal host intervention, allowing developers to use their valuable resources for applications, not to control the analog interface boards.

    The XDS H.100 PCIe 12/24-Port Loop Start boards connect to loop lines from the telephone company to receive incoming calls and place outgoing calls. The board is available with either 12 or 24 independent ports, and allows each port to seize the line, detect the presence or absence of loop current, and detect ringing signals with a variety of frequencies and cadences. The boards make it possible to set port timing and impedance characteristics to adapt to different national standards, and also include DSP resources which provide DTMF and energy detectors for each port. The DTMF generators are available for each port for signaling purposes. It also comes with caller ID capabilities that allow each port to detect all the signals necessary for calling number and calling name delivery. The H.100 PCIe Loop Start board also includes 32 channels of bidirectional voice resources.

    The AMTELCO XDS PCI Express boards are PCIe compliant. Software drivers are available for the most common operating systems, including Microsoft® Windows®, Red Hat Linux 7.x/9.x, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo Linux 2006.0 (kernel 2.6), and Fedora Core 5 (kernel 2.6). An Asterisk® channel driver is also available.

    AMTELCO Software driver packages are distributed free of charge to XDS customers, with open source code for the driver and all supporting applications. Complete software driver packages are available for download on the XDS Web site.

    For more information on the new XDS PCIe Boards, and all of the AMTELCO XDS boards, call (800)356-9224 or (608)838-4194, or visit our Web site at ©