AMTELCO XDS Introduces PCI Express BRI Boards

McFarland, WI – July 2012 – AMTELCO XDS is pleased to announce the new H.100 PCI Express S/T Interface European BRI Boards. The XDS PCIe BRI boards are available as a 4-Port Euro board, as well as a 16-Port Euro board.

PCIe BRI Board

The XDS PCIe BRI boards provide Basic Rate ISDN NT/TE connections. These boards can also be the conduit to wireless transmitters, and can provide the connections to PBX switches that support BRI interfaces. Each of the ports on both the 4-Port and 16-Port boards can be configured as either TE or NT on a per-port basis. The XDS PCIe BRI boards are available with an optional 32-channel HDLC controller, which allows data transmission over the B or D channels. Provisions for PS1 battery sourcing are included on board. The boards also come with DTMF generation and detection, along with call progress tone generation and line energy detection. TEI management, message buffering, and the LAPD protocol are also included.

AMTELCO XDS offers a complete line of both PCI and PCI Express boards, each available in both HMP (Host Media Processing) and H.100 configurations, helping developers meet their application needs. In addition to the new PCIe Euro BRI board, AMTELCO also offers XDS H.100 PCIe T1/E1/J1, Station, E&M, and Loop Start boards.

Software drivers for H.100 environments are available for the most common operating systems, including Microsoft® Windows®, Red Hat Linux 7.x/9.x, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo Linux 2006.0 (kernel 2.6), and Fedora Core 5 (kernel 2.6). Asterisk® compatible channel drivers are also available for use with both H.100 and HMP XDS boards.

AMTELCO Software driver packages are distributed free of charge to XDS customers, with open source code for the driver and all supporting applications. Complete software driver packages are available for download on the XDS Web site.

For more information on the XDS PCIe Boards, and all of the AMTELCO XDS boards, call (800)356-9224 or (608)838-4194, or visit our Web site at ©