XDS H.100 PCI Loop Start Board

Product Part Number: 257L070 (12 port)
Product Part Number: 257L062 (24 port)

PC Form Factor: Full Length PCI
TDM Bus Type: H.100

Bus Capacities:

H.100 - 4096 timeslots
Analog Ports - 12 (Base board) or 24 (with optional mezzanine board attached)

The H.100 PCI loop start board provides twelve ports or 24 ports, each providing a complete analog loop start interface. Each port is capable of seizing the line, detecting the presence or absence of loop current, and detecting inbound ring signals with a variety or frequencies and cadences. The board includes Caller ID resources to support Calling Number Delivery and Calling Name Delivery as well Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting. Internal DSPs provide DTMF detection and generation, energy detection, and call progress tone generation, as well as thirty-two independent bi-directional voice resource channels. European call progress tones and a 1004Hz calibration tone are also available. Battery polarity reversal detection and custom tone generation are also supported.

Click here to download the XDS H.100 Loop Start Board technical manual.

Additional Product Specifications

Analog Interface:

Ports: 12 (baseboard) or 24 (with optional mezzanine board)
Connector: RJ21

DSP Resources:

DTMF Detector (each port)
Energy Detector (each port)
DTMF Generator (each port)
North American and European Call Progress Tone Generation (each port)
1004Hz Calibration Tone Generation
Bi-directional Voice Resource Channels: 32 (accessible via software API)

Caller Identity:

Calling Number Delivery: supported
Calling Name Delivery: supported
Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting: supported


Custom tone generation: supported
Programmable Hook-Flash detection: supported
Programmable Call Waiting Detection: supported
Adjustable Gain Control: supported, per port
MVIP/SCSA TDM legacy modes: supported

Temperature Extremes:

Operating: 0°C (+32°F) to +50°C (+122°F)
Storage: -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F)

Ambient Humidity:

Designed to withstand ambient relative humidity from 0% to 95% non-condensing in both operating and storage conditions.


Designed to conform to PIC-SIG® mechanical specifications for full-length PCI cards.


50,000 hours

Electrical Requirements:

+5 volts +5% @ 1.5 amps maximum
+12 volts, +3 volts, and -5 volts are not required ©