XDS H.100 PCI T1/PRI Board

Product Part Number:

257L119 : 4-Span T1 Interface Board
257L120 : 8-Span T1 Interface Board

PC Form Factor: Full Length PCI
TDM Bus Type: H.100
Digital Line Interface: Primary Rate ISDN / T1 Spans


The XDS 4-span and 8-span T1/PRI boards offer a 100ohm T1 interface. Call progress tone generation and DTMF tone generation/detection are supported. Status LEDs are provided on each port for red, yellow, and blue alarm conditions. D4 and ESF signaling are supported for T1 interfaces. Primary Rate ISDN is supported, including access to either layer 2 or layer 3 from the application level. Driver support includes Linux RedHat, Windows® 2000 / XP / NT, Gentoo, Fedora, and an Asterisk® channel driver.

T1/PRI interface boards include 128 channels of bi-directional voice resources (4-span boards) or 256 channels of voice resources (8-span boards), as well as two analog inputs for music-on-hold applications.
The 4-span T1/PRI interface boards also include 128 ports of enhanced conferencing.

Click here to download the H.100 T1/Primary Rate ISDN technical manual

Additional Product Specifications

PRI Interfaces:

(23 B channels + 1 D channel) x 8 spans
Each span is software selectable as Network Termination (NT) or Terminal Equipment (TE)

T1 Interfaces:

(24 channels) x 8 spans
Each span is software selectable as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) or Central Office (CO)


All options are software selectable (per port)

T1 Framing: D4, ESF
T1 Zero Suppression: AMI, B8ZS
T1 Signaling: Robbed Bit, PRI

Line Protocols:

T1 Line Type: E&M, Ground Start, Loop Start
Direction: FXO, FSX
Optional Address Protocol: Immediate Start, Wink Start

PRI Signaling Protocols

Layer 2 and Layer 3 messaging supported
Layer 3 protocol stacks: NI-1, elements of NI-2 and NI-3, ANSI T1.407, ANSI T1.410, ETSI 102

DSP Resources:

DTMF Detector (each B channel)
Energy Detector (each B channel)
DTMF Generator (each B channel for signaling
Call Progress Tone Generation (each B channel)
1004Hz Calibration Tone Generation

Voice Resources:

Channels: 128 or 256 (for 4-span or 8-span boards, respectively)
Audio file formats supported: A-law, Mu-law, 6/8kHz ADPCM, .WAV, 16-bit linear PCM
Playback Halt Upon DTMF Detection: Supported

Conference Resources (4-span boards):

4-span T1/PRI interface boards include 128 ports of enhanced conferencing with DTMF tone clamping.

Music-On-Hold Ports:

T1/PRI interface boards include two analog input ports for music-on-hold applications

MVIP/SCSA Legacy Mode

TDM adapters are available to adapt the H.100 edge connector to standard MVIP or SCSA ribbon cable headers. Legacy modes are initialized via software to adjust TDM clocks to 2.048MHz (MVIP) or 4.096MHz (SCSA) accordingly.

Temperature Extremes:

Operating: 0°C (+32°F) to +50°C (+122°F)
Storage: -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F)

Ambient Humidity:

Designed to withstand ambient relative humidity from 0% to 95% non-condensing in both operating and storage conditions.


Designed to conform to PCI-SIG mechanical specifications for full-length PCI cards.


50,000 hours

Electrical Requirements:

+5 volts +5% @ 1.5 amps maximum
+12 volts, +3 volts, and -5 volts are not required. ©