XDS PCI / PCIe HMP 2/4-Wire E&M Board

HMP PCIe 267L002

Product Part Number:
266L002 (PCI / without echo canceller)
266L003 (PCI / with echo canceller)
267L002 (PCIe / without echo canceller)
267L003 (PCIe / with echo canceller)

PC Form Factor: Half-length PCI / PCIe
Analog Ports: 4


The PCI / PCI Express Host Media Processing board is designed to provide up to four 2-wire or 4-wire E&M interfaces for use in PC-based telephony systems running Asterisk® software. Each port provides both audio transmission and control of basic line functions such as hook status indication and detection for Type I, Type IV, and Type V interfaces. Each port can be configured to conform to a number of national standards and practices. In addition to the basic ability to place and receive calls, the PCI / PCIe HMP E&M board supports additional advanced features such as echo cancellation, guard tone generation, and push-to-talk control that may be useful for specific applications. A software device driver and channel driver are available for use with Asterisk 1.8, operating within a Linux environment (kernel 2.6). The software driver package has been verified under a number of common Linux variants, including Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

Click here to download the XDS HMP 2/4-wire E&M technical manual.

Additional Product Specifications

Analog Interface:

Ports: 4
Signaling: Type I / Type IV / Type V (software configurable, per port)
Port Types: 2-wire, 4-wire, Radio Interface (manual signaling)
Connector: RJ45 x 4

Transceiver Support:

Programmable echo suppression
PTT using M-lead to key transmitter upon energy detection
PTT control: Manual (via AMI or dialplan), as well as Voice Activation (VOX)
E-lead Detection: AMI events, or automatic channel establishment

2100Hz tone detection is available to disable echo suppression on modem connections

Adjustable Audio Gain:

Audio gain adjustment is available in both transmit and receive directions, over
a range of -20dB to +20dB (adjustable via AMI or dialplan)
An Automatic Gain Control (AGC) setting is also available

Address Signaling Protocols:

DID protocols: Wink Start, Immediate Start
Digit Detection: DTMF, MF-R1

Temperature Extremes:

Operating: 0°C (+32°F) to +50°C (+122°F)
Storage: -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F)

Ambient Humidity:

Designed to withstand ambient relative humidity from 0% to 95% non-condensing in both operating and storage conditions.


Designed to conform to PCI-SIG® mechanical specifications for PCI Express cards.


50,000 hours

Electrical Requirements:

PCI HMP E&M Board:
+3.3 volts 60 mA typical, 100 mA w/o echo canceller
  300 mA typical, 800 mA with echo canceller
+5 volts 1.0 A typical, 1.5 A maximum
 PCI Express HMP E&M Board:
+3.3 volts 100 mA typical, 150 mA w/o echo canceller
  350 mA typical, 850 mA with echo canceller
+12 volts 500 mA typical, 750 mA maximum ©