XDS PCI/PCIe HMP Modular Line Interface Board

Product Part Number:

266L007 (PCI Modular Line Interface Baseboard)
267L006 (PCIe Modular Line Interface Baseboard)
266L011 (4-Port FXO Line Interface Module)
266L009 (4-Port FXS Line Interface Module)

PC Form Factor: 2U, full-length PCI / PCIe
Analog Ports: 4 to 16, per module population

The PCI / PCI Express Host Media Processing (HMP) Modular Line Interface board is designed to provide up to sixteen FXO or FXS line interface ports for use in PC-based telephony systems running Asterisk® software. Optional plug-on modules are available to provide either four FXO or four FXS line interfaces each. The modular base board is designed to accommodate between one to four modules, resulting in a mixture of between four to sixteen FXO or FXS ports of the user's choice. Each line interface port provides audio transmission and control support for basic line functions including hook status and ring generation and detection. Echo cancellation is supported on all active ports. Each port can be programmed to conform to common national standards and practices. A software device driver and channel driver are available for use with Asterisk 1.8 and 11, operating within a Linux environment (kernel 2.6). The software driver package has been verified under a number of common Linux variants, including Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

Click here to download the XDS HMP Modular Line Interface technical manual.

Additional Product Specifications

Analog Interface:

Ports: 4 to 16, per population of optional 4-port modules
Signaling: Station, DID (FXS), Loop Start (FXO)
Port Types: FXO, FXS per user-selectable modules
Connector: RJ45 x 4 (four lines per connector)

FXS battery voltage: -24VDC (generated locally based on PC power supply capabilities)

Caller ID generation (FXS): Supported
Caller ID detection (FXO): Supported, including ring detection or polarity reversal

Ring detection frequency: 5Hz minimum, 250Hz maximum, user selectable range
Ring generation cadence: User programmable, up to four consecutive intervals
Ring generation frequency: 20Hz / 30Hz User selectable
Hookflash generation duration: User Programmable, 0.1s granularity

Voice Mailbox Message Waiting Indication signal (FXS): Supported

Adjustable Audio Gain:

Audio gain adjustment is available in both transmit and receive directions, over
a range of -20dB to +10dB (adjustable via AMI or dialplan)

Address Signaling Protocols:

DID protocols: Wink Start, Immediate Start
Digit Detection: DTMF

Temperature Extremes:

Operating: 0°C (+32°F) to +50°C (+122°F)
Storage: -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F)

Ambient Humidity:

Designed to withstand ambient relative humidity from 0% to 95% non-condensing in both operating and storage conditions.


Designed to conform to PCI-SIG® mechanical specifications for PCI and PCI Express cards.


50,000 hours

Electrical Requirements:

PCI HMP Modular Line Interface Board:
+3.3 volts 300 mA typical, 800 mA maximum
+5 volts 1.0 A typical, 1.5 A maximum
PCI Express HMP Modular Line Interface Board:
+3.3 volts 350 mA typical, 850 mA maximum
+12 volts 500 mA typical, 750 mA maximum ©