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September 2009 Newsletter

AMTELCO is Pleased to Announce the NEW XDS PCI Express T1/E1/J1 Boards -Available NOW!

The NEW XDS PCI Express T1/E1/J1 Boards are available in four and eight span configurations. The boards feature Primary Rate ISDN for both T1 and E1, and selectable 75 ohm/120 ohm E1 interface, or 100 ohm T1 interface.

The 8-Span XDS PCIe T1/E1/J1 Board features:
  • Eight T1/E1 spans

  • 256 channels of voice resources with call analysis capabilities

  • Two analog inputs for music-on-hold

The 4-Span XDS PCIe T1/E1/J1 Board features:
  • Four T1/E1 spans

  • 128 ports of conferencing

  • 128 channels of voice resources with call analysis capabilities

  • Two analog inputs for music-on-hold

For more information on the PCIe T1/E1/J1 Board, contact AMTELCO XDS.

Watch for NEW XDS PCI Express Boards...Coming Soon!

The XDS PCIe T1/E1/J1 Board is the first in a series of XDS PCIe boards from AMTELCO.

Watch for the NEW XDS PCIe Station Board and the NEW XDS PCIe E&M Board, both scheduled for delivery this fall.

For more information, contact AMTELCO XDS.

XDS Driver Update

The mature XDS drivers are all compatible with the new PCIe boards. AMTELCO offers software drivers for the most common operating systems, including Microsoft® Windows®, Asterisk®, and several Linux variants including Red Hat 7.x/9.x, Gentoo, Ubuntu, and Debian. 

AMTELCO software driver packages are distributed free of charge to XDS customers, with open source code for the driver and all supporting applications. Complete software driver packages are available for download.

For more information on drivers, contact AMTELCO XDS.

See AMTELCO at the AstriCon 2009 Expo!

Stop by our booth at AstriCon (which will be held October 13-15, 2009, in Glendale, Arizona) to see how AMTELCO can provide you with telephony and radio interface tools to bring your SIP, TDM, and Radio Communications all together. 

Earlier this year, the E&M Board from AMTELCO was tested and verified by Digium for use with the Asterisk Business EditionTM.

The E&M Board from AMTELCO XDS is designed to interface to wireless solutions, E&M circuits in central offices and to E&M PBX tie lines.

AMTELCO XDS E&M boards are used worldwide by major telephony developers, providing interfaces to radio communication systems for military, municipal, and emergency applications. The XDS E&M boards provide an analog connection to base station repeaters or transceivers with a 2 or 4-wire audio connection, plus control of TX and RX switching and energy detection.

For more information, contact AMTELCO XDS.

Asterisk is a trademark of Digium, Inc.

Check out the new Rack-Mountable Chassis!

AMTELCO has a special 4U Rack-Mountable Chassis available. 

This new 4U Slide Mounted Chassis includes:
  • Rack Slide mountable using optional rack slide rail kit

  • Multiple power supply options, including cost-effective single-mode units, as well as high reliability hot-swap options for optimal redundancy

  • A modular drive nest accommodating an array of up to four standard 3.5" SCSI III, SATA, and ATA drives mounted in supplied removable carriers

  • A fixed drive bay accommodating three standard half height 5.5" drives

  • A highly customizable internal configuration of backplanes, motherboards, processor types and memory types to meet nearly any application requirements

  • Custom rack-mountable chassis are available in small or large quantities, to meet application needs of any scale

To find out more, and for pricing information, contact AMTELCO XDS.

 Also available: 
AMTELCO XDS H.100 PCI T1/E1 BoardAMTELCO XDS H.110 CompactPCI Conference BoardAMTELCO XDS H.110 CompactPCI BRI Board
T1 / E1 4-Span and 8-Span Boards - with or without voice record and playback, and music-on-hold.Conference Boards - in the H.100 PCI (256 Port) and H.110 CompactPCI (512 Port) formatsBRI Boards - in the H.100 PCI (4 or 16 Port) and the H.110 CompactPCI (32 Port) formats
AMTELCO XDS H.100 PCI Loop Start BoardAMTELCO XDS H.100 PCI Station BoardAMTELCO XDS H.110 CompactPCI E&M Board
Loop Start Boards - in the H.100 PCI (12 or 24 Port) and the H.110 CompactPCI (16 and 32 Port) formatsStation Port Boards - for operator and telephone interfaces in the H.100 PCI (24 Port) and the H.110 CompactPCI (32 Port) formatsE&M Boards - for radio interfaces in the H.100 PCI (8 Port) and the H.110 CompactPCI (16 Port) formats

XDS Technical Information

Check the AMTELCO XDS Web site ( for all technical documentation on board-level products and specific OS specifications.

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