AMTELCO XDS Introduces the HMP 16-Port Modular Line Interface Board for PCI Platforms

McFarland, WI – October 2013 – AMTELCO XDS is pleased to announce the new HMP PCI 16-Port Modular Line Interface Board. This new board is ideal for applications requiring a cost-affordable, scalable design to support any number of FXO or FXS analog line interfaces.

The Modular Line Interface PCI board is Asterisk® compatible, and supports one to four optional FXO or FXS modules. Each FXO module provides four analog loop start ports. Each FXS module provides four battery feed ports that can be set for phone or DID behaviors on a per-port basis. Echo cancellation is included for all modules installed. Modular RJ45 interfaces are included on the rear panel for quick and easy interconnection. The HMP 16-port Modular Line interface board is a full length, half-height (2U) PCI compliant board.

AMTELCO XDS also offers a complete line of PCI, PCI Express, and CompactPCI Boards, helping developers meet their application needs. In addition to the new HMP boards, AMTELCO also offers XDS T1/E1/J1, Station, Conference, BRI, E&M, and Loop Start boards.

AMTELCO provides a custom Asterisk channel driver package, available for Asterisk versions 1.4, 1.8, and 11. This software driver supports all AMTELCO PCI and PCIe line interface boards, and provides an easy and uniform integration of the AMTELCO hardware into existing Asterisk configuration files and applications. AMTELCO Software driver packages are distributed free of charge to XDS customers, with open source code for the driver and all supporting applications. Complete software driver packages are available for download on the XDS Web site.

For more information on the XDS HMP Modular Line Interface Board, and all of the AMTELCO XDS boards, call (800)356-9224 or (608)838-4194, or visit the XDS Web site at ©