• August 2017

    AMTELCO XDS Introduces T1/E1 Appliance

    McFarland, WI – AMTELCO XDS is pleased to announce the new T1/E1 Appliance. The new T1/E1 Appliance is Asterisk™-based for quick implementation of applications. It is a small, compact, highly cost-effective system containing a highly configurable Asterisk telephony platform with a single T1/E1 span and a single Ethernet port. The appliance can be used as a VoIP gateway using the SIP capabilities of Asterisk. AMTELCO’s highly successful T1/E1 protocols are used for the T1/E1 span. There are two RJ45 connections, one for the T1 or E1 span interface, and the other for a local 10/100 Ethernet connection.

    The new T1/E1 Appliance is the perfect solution for developers who need to add T1 or E1 capabilities into their VoIP systems.

    The Appliance comes right out of the box with hardware and software preinstalled and ready to configure. A few of the many possible applications for this appliance are:

    1. T1 or E1 to VoIP gateway – allows a T1 or E1 span to be added into an existing VoIP environment
    2. VoIP PBX with T1 or E1 telecom input
    3. Any other Asterisk-based switching application requiring T1 or E1 input – some of the capacity of the included Flash Memory card could be used for local bulk data storage

    The new Appliance is available for approximately $650, which includes the system processor, T1/E1 Interface, Asterisk, power supply with country-specific plug adapters, and a 32 Gigabyte flash card….and an opportunity for developers to add to and/or customize their applications.

    AMTELCO XDS is also working on a new Asterisk-based E&M Appliance for interfacing to radios, and a T1/E1 monitoring device.

    AMTELCO XDS also offers a complete line of HMP, PCI, and PCI Express Boards, helping developers meet their application needs. Boards are available for T1/E1/J1, Station, Conference, BRI, E&M, and Loop Start.

    For more information on the T1/E1 Appliance, and all of the AMTELCO XDS boards, call 800.356.9224 or 608.838.4194, e-mail, or visit